CIF – Climate Investment Funds


The world urgently demands a collaborative, coordinated, multilateral response to the rapidly increasing threat presented by climate change. Meeting this challenge can then facilitate the transformation into a fully sustainable, kinder, and more equal global economy.

The Climate Investment Funds (CIF) is an enabler of pioneering climate-smart planning and climate action in low and middle-income economies, many of which are the least prepared yet the most prone to the challenges of climate change. CIF responds to the worldwide climate crisis with large-scale, low-cost, and long-term financial solutions to support countries achieve their climate objectives.

It is in the Climate Investment Funds’ core beliefs that helping communities shift faster to clean and green practices strengthens populations’ resilience against climate risks, stabilizes national and regional economies, and paves the way for more sustainable development where no one is left behind. The finance raised by CIF empowers governments, civil society, indigenous peoples, the private sector, and multilateral development banks to work together with the joint aim of achieving the vision of a fairer future where the most vulnerable to climate change, including women and youth, are equally represented by climate leaders and decision makers.