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Rector of the Pan African University (PAU)

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Rector of the Pan African University (PAU)


Apply by November 4th, 2019.

The Pan African University (PAU) is looking for a Rector, long-term position based at PAU’s Rectorate in Yaoundé, Cameroon, who will support the five thematic Institutes located in Algeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

‍Please find the job description and requirements for the Rector position at

‍In order to apply for either position, please register on the African Union e-recruitment website

Job Objectives

‍This is the position of the Chief Executive and chief academic Officer of the Pan African University’s Management structure and shall exercise general superintendence and control over the university. The holder of this position will be responsible for formulating and implementing appropriate operating policies and decisions related to the establishment of the PAU, and in accordance with the PAU strategic plan. He /she shall be responsible for implementing innovative programs and adopt new cutting-edge technologies for the University, to make it globally competitive. He/she shall be responsible for developing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with, educational, research, governmental, business, industrial, professional, social, civil society and cultural institutions regionally and internationally. The PAU Rector will be supported in his/her functions by Vice Rector (Research, Development, and Cooperation) and other staff.

Specific deliverables

  1. Represent the University in all forums as its Chief Executive;
  2. Facilitate the signing of MOUs with Host Universities, Host Countries, and Lead Thematic Partners and African Union Commission;

iii. Conclude agreements, contracts or other arrangements between the PAU and other competent bodies for pedagogic, research, management and funding purposes with the approval of the PAU Council;

  1. Coordinate the development of a corporate plan for the operationalization of the PAU and ensure it is translated into appropriate, and realistic goals and objectives that are delivered harmoniously and successfully;
  2. Prepare and present the PAU annual activity report to the PAU council;
  3. Ensure the implementation of the decisions of the African Union Summit of Heads of State and Government with regard to PAU;

vii. Facilitate the required co-ordination between Directors of PAU Institutes and Coordinators of Tasks Programme Departments and Centers;

viii. Coordinate the selection of the PAU Satellites centers;

  1. Liaison with the African Union Commission, Vice-chancellors of Host Institutions, and Lead Thematic Partners;
  2. Managing the personnel of the PAU;
  3. Coordinate the establishment of Rectorate and recruitment of Rectorate staff;

xii. Coordinate the student recruitment process, the award of scholarships, and smooth relocation to respective Institutes;

xiii. Ensure the recruitment of academic staff for PAU Institutes;

xiv. Provide oversight for all PAU academic programs;

  1. Ensuring the implementation and the periodic monitoring of the PAU’s multi-annual strategic development plan as approved by the PAU Council;

xvi. Perform all other functions as are necessary for the proper administration, smooth operation, and development of the PAU.

Required Skills and Competencies Professional Skills

  • Highly conversant in the cultures and changing landscapes of higher education internationally; • Working knowledge of policy analysis and development and programme/project management, implementation and monitoring; • Strong background of research and publications, a prominent profile in the relevant academic community and a proven record of effective leadership and management experience at a senior level in an academic/research institution; • Successful track record of fund-raising for international projects. Leadership • Uses strong managerial and supervisory skills to achieve documented objectives; • Engages in effective delegation and follow up to ensure results; • Uses tact and political savvy in negotiating; • Makes informed decisions and communicates decisions effectively; • Demonstrates flexibility and willingness to collaborate with others to achieve outcomes; • Utilizes strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Respect for Diversity • Works effectively with people from various backgrounds; • Treats all people with dignity and respect. Treats men and women equally; • Shows respect and understanding of diverse points of view and demonstrates it in decision-making; • Examines own biases and behaviors to avoid stereotypical responses and does not discriminate against any individual or group; • Creates an environment where respect for diversity is embedded in behaviors, systems, and processes; • Performs and relates effectively across organizational boundaries in a diverse multi-national and multicultural setting. Working with Others • Collaborates effectively with top-level stakeholders i.e. the Commission and Senior Management Group. Able to persuade, guide and advise top-level stakeholders; • Able to effectively collaborate with stakeholders and partners; • Leads discussions and negotiations on behalf of the Commission on human resources issues; • Creates a culture where knowledge sharing and effective collaboration are encouraged; • Creates a conducive environment for students and teachers. Vision and Strategic Thinking • Identifies key strategic issues, opportunities, and risks; • clearly communicates links between the organization’s strategy and the Directorate’s goals; • Establishes/identifies and communicates broad and compelling organizational direction; • Identifies clients’ needs and appropriate solutions; • Establishes and maintains productive partnerships. Communication • Communicates orally with strong interpersonal skills; • Expresses ideas and formulates plans by means of clear and effective writing and oral presentations; • Drafts conceptual and detailed reports/papers and reviews/edits the work of others; • Prepares rationale with respect to key financial and administrative decisions; • Negotiates effectively. Teamwork • Leads and gains the assistance and cooperation of others in a team endeavor; • Builds trust through integrity, transparency and creating an open and positive environment; • Fosters harmonious and effective teamwork in a multicultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity. Technology awareness • Keeps abreast of available technology and understands its applicability to the work of the Organization; • Actively seeks, identifies and applies appropriate technology to improve programme delivery. Performance management • Delegates the appropriate responsibility, accountability, and decision-making authority; • Establishes clear roles and reporting lines for staff; • Monitors progress of established milestones; • Discusses performance and provides feedback, and appraises performance fairly.‍

Qualifications and Work Experience required

‍Ph.D. and a full professor of a recognized University, with ten (10) years of experience in one of the thematic fields of the PAU of which eight (8) years should have been at a senior academic management position in a recognized university; Having held the administrative positions of Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, or Dean within a university will be an added advantage. Have at least two years of work experience in continental or international organizations Have recognition from peers (be a recipient of at least one award from national/continental/ body or professional association or research/development organization) for outstanding academic leadership or research/ development contribution

Language Requirement:

Proficiency in at least one of the African Union working languages (English, French, Arabic, Portuguese); knowledge of other working languages would be an added advantage.

Tenure of Appointment:

The appointment will be made on a regular term contract for a period of three (3) years, of which the first twelve Requirements months will be considered a probationary period. Thereafter the contract shall be renewable every two years subject to good performance and deliverables.

Gender Mainstreaming:

The AU Commission is an equal opportunity employer and qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply.

‍Least Representative Countries Candidates from the following least represented countries are encouraged to apply: Algeria, Angola, Cape Verde, Central African Rep., Comoros, Congo (DRC), Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Eswatini, Ghana, Guinea, Libya, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Namibia, Saharawi Arab D.R., Sao Tome and Principe, Seychelles, Somalia, South Africa and South Sudan. ‍


Indicative basic salary of US$ 78,138.00 (PD Step 1) per annum plus other related entitlements e.g. Post adjustment 48% of basic salary, Housing allowance $ 21,832.68 per annum and education allowance (100% of tuition and other education-related expenses for every eligible dependent up to a maximum of US$ 10,000.00 per child per annum), for internationally recruited staff and a maximum of $3,300 per child per annum for locally recruited staff.

Rector Position PAU

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