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The Elliott School of International Affairs


The George Washington University has long recognized the value of an international affairs education. Since the University’s inception in 1821, we have prepared students to face important global issues and make a difference in the world. The Elliott School of International Affairs represents a culmination of the innovative ideas and fresh perspectives generated by its forerunners at The George Washington University:

-The School of Comparative Jurisprudence and Diplomacy (1898 – 1905)
-The Department of Politics and Diplomacy (1905 – 1907)
-The College of the Political Sciences (1907 – 1913)
-International Law and Diplomacy in Columbian College (1913 – 1928)
-The School of Government (1928 – 1960)
-The School of Government, Business, and International Affairs (1960 – 1966)
-The School of International Affairs (1987 – 1988)
-The School of Public and International Affairs (1966 – 1987)
-The Elliott School of International Affairs (1988 – Today)

At the Elliott School of International Affairs, our mission is:
-To educate the next generation of international leaders
-To conduct research and produce scholarship that advances understanding of important global issues
-To engage the public and the policy community in the United States and around the world, thereby fostering international dialogue and shaping policy solutions

Our mission is to create knowledge, share wisdom, and inspire action to make our world a better place.