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Senior Legal Counsel and Board Secretary (Ref: ARCSLCBS01)

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The African Risk Capacity (ARC), is Africa’s sovereign insurance pool and early disaster response mechanism. Owned and governed by its countries, ARC empowers its member states to be in the driving seat of response by reinforcing national systems and providing governments with access to immediate funds for early and planned responses to populations affected by natural disasters. Merging traditional approaches of disaster relief and risk quantification with the concepts of risk pooling and transfer, ARC has created a unique pan-African disaster response system providing a sustainable African-led strategy for managing extreme weather risks.


A Specialised Agency of the African Union, ARC counts 32 AU countries as members to date. In 2014, it launched its initial risk insurance product for its member states through its financial affiliate the ARC Insurance Company Limited (ARC Ltd). ARC Ltd is a specialist hybrid mutual insurance company, aggregating risk by issuing insurance policies to participating governments and transferring it to the international market. ARC Ltd uses the satellite weather surveillance software Africa RiskView, developed by ARC Agency, to estimate the impact of drought on vulnerable populations – and the response costs required to assist them – before a season begins, and as it progresses.


In order to achieve its strategic objectives, ARC is seeking to recruit a Director of Research & Development, a Senior Legal Counsel & Board Secretary, and a Gender Advisor to be based at its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Senior Legal Counsel and Board Secretary (Ref: ARCSLCBS01)



The ARC is now developing a new financial mechanism, called the Extreme Climate Facility, or XCF, that will provide eligible countries – those already managing their weather risk through ARC – with additional funds should extreme weather events in their region – tracked by a state-of-the-art objective index – increase in magnitude and/or frequency. The XCF will utilise both public and private sector funds and will facilitate direct access to finance for ARC Member States.


Main responsibilities

Under the strategic direction of the ARC Agency Director General, the ARC Agency Senior Legal Counsel and Board Secretary will be responsible for providing high level legal services, authoritative advice and coordination of highly complex or novel legal matters, including oversight on quality and consistency in provision of all legal services to ARC Agency. He or she will also serve as the Secretary to the ARC Agency Governing Board (the Board) and legal advisor to the Conference of the Parties (CoP), including overseeing the production of all Board and CoP decision documents and other materials.

Additional responsibilities will include providing authoritative legal advice and recommendations to the governance organs, Director General and senior management of ARC Agency, on a range of issues; overseeing all of the legal work of ARC Agency, including supervising staff, consultants and coordinating the work of external advisors, on a wide range of corporate, multi-disciplinary and highly complex legal matters to ensure ARC Agency’s interests are protected and legal risks are minimized; and managing the development of policies and procedures for the ARC Agency and the ARC Agency Secretariat (Secretariat) to operationalize the functions of the ARC Agency and set standards of good governance.


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